Vegan Options At Outback Steakhouse

You may have already heard about Outback Steakhouse. The American restaurant chain, Outback Steakhouse is known for its unique blend of Aussie cuisine mixed with an American casual dining experience. 

This restaurant has over 1,000 locations across America and Australia, and is well loved for its juicy steaks, fried chicken and fresh seafood. As Outback Steakhouse is, well a steakhouse by name and by nature, you may be wondering if there are any vegan options available for you. 

You may be surprised to hear that there are actually 7, yes, seven vegan options available at Outback Steakhouse, all of which we are here to tell you about! Since Outback Steakhouse does not have an extensive list of ingredients and allergen information on their menu, we have had to dig deep and down under for the answers. 

For the most part, Outback Steakhouse cannot provide any fried foods for vegans or vegetarians, whether it is even fried onions or not, as all fried foods are cooked in the same fryer, which puts all of their fried food at risk of cross contamination with meat and animal products, so vegans will have to avoid those! 

7 Vegan Options At Outback Steakhouse

If you want to play it safe with Outback Steakhouse, then you will have to stick with the fruit and veggie options on the menu. This will ensure that your food is 100% vegan friendly, and free of any meal or animal products. 

Fresh Fruit

The first vegan friendly dish from Outback Steakhouse on our list is the fresh fruit. Which fruit you are served will depend on the particular Outback Steakhouse location that you are visiting, but the fresh fruit is always juicy and delicious. With this option, you can enjoy fruit as a side, or even as a healthy dessert option.

House Salad

If you want more of a main dish, then you can order from Outback Steakhouse without worrying if your meal is vegan friendly. The House Salad is the best option, as it comes complete with mixed lettuce leaves, cucumbers, Napa cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and homemade croutons topped with a dressing of your choice. 

However, you will have to remember to ask for the salad without cheese, or croutons to make this dish completely 100% vegan friendly, but you can substitute these for a tasty salad dressing. 

Luckily, there are a few salad dressing options that are suitable for vegans at Outback Steakhouse that you can choose from. For instance, the light balsamic vinaigrette, mustard vinaigrette and the tangy tomato salad dressings are all completely safe for a vegan diet, and totally delicious. 

Pecan Chopped Salad (Without Blue Cheese)

Another option is the Blue Cheese Pecan Chopped Salad, minus the cheese! Outback Steakhouse’s Blue Cheese Pecan Chopped Salad comes served with red cabbage, mixed greens, shredded carrots, cinnamon pecans, green onions and Blue cheese crumbles. 

For this dish to be suitable for a vegan, you will need to ask for the Blue cheese crumbles to be removed, and the Blue cheese dressing substituted out for either the light balsamic vinaigrette, mustard vinaigrette or the tangy tomato sauce. 

Baked Potato (Without Cheese, Bacon Bits or Sour Cream)

Outback Steakhouse also offers Baked Potatoes that are served with butter, cheese, chives, bacon bits and sour cream. Obviously, all of the toppings are inherently unsuitable for a vegan diet, so simply order without the extras, and the dish is vegan! All you have to do then is ask for a little salsa or vegan salad dressing to spice the dish up a little. 

Sweet Potato

Similarly, you can order the sweet potato dish at Outback Steakhouse. Simply ask for the dish without the honey butter on top, and you can enjoy it as part of a vegan diet. 

Grilled Asparagus

If you fancy something a little healthier and greener, then you can order the grilled asparagus from Outback Steakhouse. These are tossed in oil and seasoned with salt and pepper before being cooked on a wood fired grill for a mouth watering flavor. Without any butter or toppings, these too are 100% vegan friendly. 

Steamed Broccoli or Mixed Veggies

On the kids menu at Outback Steakhouse, you can order the steamed broccoli, as these are served with no butter or non vegan toppings, making them safe and suitable for vegans to eat. You could order the steamed broccoli to go with your vegan baked potato for more of a balanced meal! 

The mixed veggies are also vegan as long as you ask for them to be cooked and served without any butter on the top. 


Never again will you have to worry about what you can order at Outback Steakhouse. With our list of the best and completely vegan options, you can choose from salads, baked potatoes, veggies or even fresh fruit for your dessert! 

What can a vegan eat at Outback Steakhouse?

A vegan walks into an Outback Steakhouse… It sounds like the start of a bad joke that ends in a judgy comment about your lifestyle choices. Interestingly, if you make a few substitutions when ordering you can find over 7 vegan options at Outback Steakhouse. Are they the most interesting options in the world, no, but they're better than nothing... 

Unlike some restaurants, all the food at Outback Steakhouse is made onsite, so it is really easy for them to make adjustments to your dish. 

At Outback Steakhouse vegans have a choice of salads (there is a vegan salad dressing, and cheese can be removed from the salads), plain baked potato or baked sweet potato, and steamed veggies.  

Are Outback fries vegan?

The official answer to this question is a very closely guarded secret. However, on Outback Steaks' official vegan menu their fries (and their bloomin' onions) are not listed. 

We don't know if this is because they are cooked in animal fat. Or if they are cooked in the same fryer at their meat dishes. It is more likely to be the former option. 

If you really want potatoes then you can get a plain baked potato as a vegan option. However, there is little else of interest on this vegan menu. Other options include the house bread and some steam asparagus.  

Does Outback Steakhouse have a veggie burger?

Unfortunately, Outback Steakhouse does not have a veggie burger or offer anything similar. Unsurprisingly, the chained whose identity is based around steaks has a pretty poor selection of vegan food. However, their vegetarian menu is a little less restrictive. 

They have a really large range of vegetarian dessert and drinks options. They also offer over 10 vegetarian mains. These include a few salads, pasta options, and grilled vegetables. Many of the house favorites, like their bloomin' onions and fries are not vegetarian. They may either be cooked using animal fat or in the same fryer as meat. Outback Steakhouse is unclear about this. 

Is Outback Steakhouse mac and cheese vegetarian?

Whilst Outback Steakhouse has a very limited vegetarian menu, one of the highlights of this is their Mac and Cheese dish. 

This is not a vegan dish, and it is not safe for anyone with gluten intolerance or dairy allergies. However, it is 100% vegetarian. The dish is made up of egg-based pasta and the sauce includes a range of American cheeses. The breadcrumbs sprinkled on top are also vegetarian. As is Outback Steakhouse's house bread. 

Outback Steakhouse also offers a Broccoli and Cheese dish that would be suitable for those with gluten intolerances. Some locations do offer a Mac and Cheese burger, this option is not vegetarian. 

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