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Easy Raw Bread with Krazykrackerlady!

small_3769859444 I love being resourceful and making the most of my food and ingredients. Abeba from krazykrackerlady points us in this direction with her post, showing us an easy recipe for raw bread by using juice pulp! Abeba calls this recipe “Surprise Bread” because the ingredients in the pulp will vary with the kinds of fruits and vegetables used in juicing.
I especially love how much time she dedicates to mixing the pulp together, and that she uses her hands instead of a spatula. Raw food is all about giving our love and attention to the food we eat!

5 c. any pulp (Abeba uses celery, beet and carrot)
1/3 c. raisins, soaked (Abeba suggests apples as an alternative)
1 c. water
olive oil (optional)
2 c. ground flax seed

Pour raisins into blender
Pour water into blender
Add olive oil (optional)
Blend until the raisins are broken down (okay if not totally smooth)
Mix with pulp, stir (with a spatula or with your hands!)
Sprinkle flax seeds, a little at a time, enough to hold mixture together (Abeba uses about 2 cups)

Spread onto a high Teflex sheet with 1/4 inch of thickness
Cut to whatever size you want

Place in dehydrator for 10-12 hours, flip over for one or two hours
Take out at the right time, so the bread will be flexible
If dehydrated for too long, it will become a cracker

Abeba uses a celery, beet, and carrot pulp, and sweetens it further by using raisins. The mixture is already sweet because of the carrots, so you could leave the raisins out, or sweeten the bread further with the raisins.

Carolina Flórez is a self-healing practitioner focused on movement and body awareness. She lived most of her life in the US and currently lives in Cartagena, Colombia where she works as a yoga teacher. When not teaching yoga she provides massage and astrology healing services. Carolina is a certified Sivananda Yoga teacher and holds a bachelor of arts in dance, movement, and peace studies from Earlham College.
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photo credit: Christaface via photopin cc

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