raw now RAW NOW! is my first raw vegan power book in which I share my natural depression cure story, simple and delicious diet and recipes to boost your body and brain and easy techniques to free your mind from negative thoughts. You can buy it in two versions: the Silver Package, including only the e-book, and the Golden Package, including the e-book + an exclusive membership’s area with:

  • 1 video going deeper into each chapter of the book.
  • 1 video for each mind exercise of the RAW NOW! Awakening Method.
  • The entire 1 hour interview with Markus Rothkranz that inspired the RAW NOW! project.
  • 15 bonus interviews with other Raw Vegan Leaders who explain how much mental clarity they got with the raw vegan diet.


Silver Package: US$ 27.00 -> US$ 13.90

Golden Package: US$ 49.00 -> US$ 25.90

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