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Beyonce And Jay-Z Feast On Raw Vegan Food

Sincerely I don’t follow celebrities news in magazines, newspapers, etc. but I think it is always very cool news, whenever a celebrity becomes vegan and start enjoying raw vegan food as it’s the case of Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

They just started a 22 Day Vegan Challenge and feasted on the raw vegan food in Cafe Gratitude to celebrate Jay’s 44th birthday, on December 4th, last Wednesday.

beyoncee and jay-z vegan

Look at what the Huff Post has to say about it:

When Jay Z announced Wednesday that he was committing to a “plant-based” lifestyle for 22 days, he ended with a plea for any “professional vegans” out there to recommend their favorite restaurants.

It looks like Jay Z has already gotten some decent suggestions; he and wife Beyonce were spotted in Los Angeles later that day at Cafe Gratitude, a vegan restaurant in Larchmont Village beloved by both hipsters and Hollywood alike.

The star pair were spotted by TMZ celebrating Jay Z’s birthday with meatless dishes like kale salad, curried lentils and corn tacos with chipotle butternut squash.

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And what about TMZ?

It’s only Day 1, but Beyonce and Jay Z are serious as a heart attack about adopting a no-meat diet … because they just pigged out at a classy vegan lunch joint in L.A. to celebrate Jay’s 44th birthday.

Bey and Jay ordered a variety of organic vegan menu items at Cafe Gratitude — a place that touts its food and its people as “a celebration of our aliveness.”

B&J have said they’re going on a 22-day plant-based diet to become more spiritual … and they chose today — Jay Z’s birthday — as the day to start.

They’re going whole hog, too … ordering drinks made of apples, beets, lemon and ginger … and entrees including marinated kale salad, Indian curried lentils and corn tacos with chipotle butternut squash.

They also discovered they’re not alone on their journey … ’cause Anne Hathaway and Ariana Grande were also at the restaurant at the same time vegging out.

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Great, Anne Hathaway and Ariana Grande are going vegan too!

And the Huff Post mentions many more celebs going through this transition to a healthier and more compassionate diet and lifestyle: Bill Clinton, Carrie Underwood, Al Gore, Natalie Portman, Mike Tyson, Ellen DeGeneres, Alicia Silverstone, Usher, Joaquin Phoenix, Carl Lewis, Woody Harrelson, Thom Yorke, Alanis Morissette, Russell Brand, Morrissey… and the list just keeps getting longer and longer…

Veganism is really the future… and every vegan, sooner or later, will be feasting on raw vegan food with us too, just like Beyoncé and Jay-Z!

luis souza raw food Luis Souza has been a health advocate since he healed himself from sinusitis in 2000 by drinking plenty of water and ending his consumption of milk and dairy products. In 2012, with a low fat raw vegan diet, he discovered the “cure” for depression — the low fat raw vegan diet! He now dedicates himself to inspire others to take responsibility for their health with Raw Vegan Power.
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