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Why Are Raw Vegans More Sensitive To Bad Food?

One thing that we need to accept is that most people don’t bother eating bad food.

And they keep doing it no matter how many signs of bad things are happening inside of them.

But we raw vegans are different, we saw those signs and realized that something was wrong…

…then we started looking for solutions… …until we found the raw vegan diet and lifestyle.

Which is the best solution to most health problems and to have high energy and clarity levels.

But all we did was simply stop feeding ourselves with the wrong fuel, letting the body clean itself and work at its best performance level.

SO I’m asking myself for many months now:

What makes us raw vegans more sensitive to bad food in the first place?

raw vegan sensitivity

Why my friends keep eating and drinking bad stuff and don’t seem to be bothered with all the pollution that they put inside themselves?

I’m not so sure about the answer to this question, but reading

Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking

and watching this video:

I was able to have a better idea and many clues of what makes me different than “most people”.

In this awesome book by Susan Cain, she explains many great things about how our society, since the beginning of the 20th Century usually values more the Extrovert Ideal and how introverts have to struggle and even pretend to be extroverts.

The cool thing is that, with this book, I finally understood that introverts and extroverts brains are different in the amygdala, a very primitive part of the brain that controls, among other things, our fight-or-flight reactions.

Introverts are more sensitive than extroverts in many senses. They have a highly sensitive amygdala, which makes them more susceptible to frowns and bored sighs and too many people around, for instance.

Introverts also have a richer inner experience and can be very creative and recharge themselves by being alone, rather than in the company of many people, as extroverts do.

Well, I know that not all raw vegans are introverts and not all introverts are highly sensitivity people and I’m not sure that my highly sensitive amygdala is the only reason for my higher sensitivity to bad food too.

But I can assure you that now, after so many years being bullied during my childhood and adolescence and trying to be something else as an adult, I became a declared and very proud introvert!

Actually I should say that I am a declared and proud raw vegan introvert! :)

What about you?

Why do you think we raw vegans are more sensitive to bad food, bad company, bad places, etc.?

luis souza raw food Luis Souza has been a health advocate since he healed himself from sinusitis in 2000 by drinking plenty of water and ending his consumption of milk and dairy products. In 2012, with a low fat raw vegan diet, he discovered the “cure” for depression — the low fat raw vegan diet! He now dedicates himself to inspire others to take responsibility for their health with Raw Vegan Power.
Know more about Luis here.



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