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Rosemary Overcame Infertility

Schwangere Frau Silhouette When Rosemary and I met, she was mother to 2 healthy children. I have never known a woman who was more grateful for having kids. She and her husband had desired children for years, and only after they changed their diet, conception was possible.

 We talked a lot about the changes she had made to enable conception and a healthy pregnancy. She and her husband had given up all processed food, and included a highly raw diet with whole foods. Flax seeds and unrefined cold pressed flax oil and a raw grain cereal were part of their daily diet. They also ate some raw butter and cream. Healthy fats were crucial for improving fertility. Both parents followed this kind of eating.

 Flax seeds and unrefined cold pressed flax oil have been proven to improve fertility. They also boost immunity and protect our skin. Flax oil really reacts fast in our organism. When you include it with your salad, it only takes a few minutes after eating and you will be able to taste it on your lips and notice it in your skin in a very pleasant way. It has become my favorite oil.

 To utilize the nutrients of flax seeds, the seeds need to be broken in a blender. Broken flax seeds react with oxygen immediately. This reaction should take place inside your body, not outside. Therefore it is best to cover the broken seeds with some water to prevent oxydation IMMEDIATELY after cracking them.

 You may wonder why break the seed. After all it is small enough to be eaten as it is. When we eat the flax seeds unbroken, our digestive juices cannot access the nutrients, they stay sealed in the seeds, and only serve as a laxative.

 What’s your experience? I would be happy to hear from you. Any comments are welcome. Please type them in the comment box. Thank you.

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Traudl Wöhlke is author of the ebooks “Raw Food for Babies”and “Raw Food in Pregnancy”. She is trained as a healh and nutrition coach by the holistic German physician M O Bruker MD. She holds a healing licence in homeopathy, naturopathy and energy psycholgy. She is specializing in whole and raw food nutrition and has taught whole and raw food nutrition for over 30 years. Her mission is to encourage and empower you to take control of your own health in all ways. She feels passionate about saving our earth through our daily actions. Know more about Traudl here.






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