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Raw Vegan Happiness

happy I want to share with everyone a bit of what it means to have Raw Vegan Power. Eating foods that are alive means having LIFE! It means energy, happiness, strength and self-empowerment. These are only some of the words I can use to describe it because you will only understand the raw vegan lifestyle when you experience it.

“This is raw foods. this is living large.” “Why do you have so much energy? Because I eat fruit!” “Recovering. On a fruit and vegetable diet. It’s phenomenal!” “All you have to do is eat fruit. It’s so simple. Fruit is health food!” “Fruit is the foundation of life.” “The art of living consists of dying young, but as light as possible.” -Words from the Woodstock Fruit Festival

In this Woodstock Fruit Festival video from 2012, you’ll see people coming together to be active, to enjoy life, to learn, and to share living foods! In the video, the participants of the festival exercise together, eat together, and provide testimony as to how the raw foods lifestyle has transformed their lives. These videos are always a wonderful reminder to help you on your path. Whenever you doubt yourself, or feel tempted by a craving, you can remember that sticking to a lifestyle of life means happiness! The path doesn’t become easier, but things become clearer because you will feel lighter, think lighter, and everything just makes much more sense. ¨Happy¨ by Pharrell Williams may help you and others understand the natural high of the raw vegan lifestyle!

Enjoy your path!

Carolina Flórez is a self-healing practitioner focused on movement and body awareness. She lived most of her life in the US and currently lives in Cartagena, Colombia where she works as a yoga teacher. When not teaching yoga she provides massage and astrology healing services. Carolina is a certified Sivananda Yoga teacher and holds a bachelor of arts in dance, movement, and peace studies from Earlham College.
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