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How Doris Minimized the Chance of Unclean Eating For Her Kids

Kind Kopie What do you do if you want to minimize the chance for your child to eat unclean? Here is a true story of a mother to a child suffering from eczema and allergies.

Doris had discovered the raw vegan power after her youngest baby son was troubled with allergies and eczema. The little boy scratched his skin until he was bleeding, cried a lot and was restless because of itching. Medical treatment only gave allevation by using hard drugs but no real cure. I remember how desperate she was about the boy’s condition when she and her husband first attended my nutrition class. Things changed when they learnt about whole and raw food. Doris omitted all processed foods and animal protein in the child’s diet, and fed the baby a fresh grain based almond milk and organic raw fruits and veggies after breastfeeding was no longer possible. Soon the whole family changed their diet accordingly.

Doris was very strict in feeding her children only healthy food. She was determined to help her boy stay well. It was mandatory for him to avoid processed foods and animal protein for a healthy skin. He could not tolerate small exceptions. This is pretty hard to do when you live among conventional people. While Jochen was young enough to stay with his mother, this wasn’t a major problem. But what do you do when the child reaches the age for kindergarten and school? Daycare, kindergarten and school are places where kids get exposed to conventional food all day. Doris did not want this to happen too early in her son’s lfie. So she founded a small, private daycare and kindergarten where only whole and raw foods were allowed. Parents were offered classes in nutrition so they could comply with the eating rules. All meals for the children were prepared in the kindergarten kitchen from fresh organic food. Doris even ran a health food store because she wanted to be sure that there was organic food available to the kids at all times!

With all those activities, Doris was a very busy woman. The meals needed to be HEALTHY and SIMPLE. Here is one of her recipes for you.

Recipe: Raw Blackberry Sauce

Hirsezauber-Brombeer Ingredients

2 fully ripe bananas
1 cup or more fresh or semi-thawed blackberries

Put all ingredients in a blender and mix very smoothly.

Replace the blackberries with any other ripe fresh fruit, add fresh juice of half a lemon.

For a full breakfast meal
Add 1 – 2 tablespoons freshly ground oat berries (use blender or grain mill).

How do you handle your raw and whole life with children? I would love you to share your experience and tips here. Also any questions are welcome. Please use the comment box below. Thank you.

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Traudl Wöhlke is author of the ebooks “Raw Food for Babies”and “Raw Food in Pregnancy”. She is trained as a healh and nutrition coach by the holistic German physician M O Bruker MD. She holds a healing licence in homeopathy, naturopathy and energy psycholgy. She is specializing in whole and raw food nutrition and has taught whole and raw food nutrition for over 30 years. Her mission is to encourage and empower you to take control of your own health in all ways. She feels passionate about saving our earth through our daily actions. Know more about Traudl here.


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