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Eat Your Christmas Tree Lady Gaga! :)

As we are almost reaching Christmas I wanted to thank you all who were with me this year.

With all my heart I wish you a very merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

And I’d like to give you a very good raw vegan tip to use in these days.

Don’t throw away your Christmas tree, as people are so used to do…

You can use wear it on your head, like Lady Gaga did some days ago.

lady gaga christmas tree

She never ceases to amaze with her zany choices of outfit.

And Lady Gaga took the festive season as her inspiration as she left the Jingle Bell Ball at London’s O2 arena wearing a real Christmas tree.

The Born This Way singer made her way to the Langham Hotel in London with a pine tree decorated with baubles and a star as a hat.

Read more here.

But I guess the best use that you and Lady Gaga can give to the Christmas tree is TO EAT IT!

I may seem amazing, but you can eat your Christmas tree, as John Kohler from mentions on the following video:

Firstly, he reminds us that pine needles are actually edible, although they are pretty much just a famine food. There are, however, other options for live, edible trees to choose from. A stone pine, for example, will eventually grow up to give you pine nuts. And many people have started using specially pruned rosemary bushes as a sustainable alternative to traditional trees.

True, neither a stone pine nor a rosemary bush are likely to provide massive amounts of nutrition. But the real idea here—as John himself explains—is to always think in terms of reuse before you think of recycling. If you have gone the route of a traditional, cut tree, then do be sure to chip it and compost it. Ultimately, once you start growing in the compost you get, you’ll be eating your Christmas tree too.

Read more here.

Hope you and Lady Gaga enjoy and EAT YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE this year and in the future too, because it’s really a pity to realize how many Christmas trees are just thrown away every year all over the world.

By the way you can also grow a live edible christmas tree that you would be able to use every year!


luis souza raw food Luis Souza has been a health advocate since he healed himself from sinusitis in 2000 by drinking plenty of water and ending his consumption of milk and dairy products. In 2012, with a low fat raw vegan diet, he discovered the “cure” for depression — the low fat raw vegan diet! He now dedicates himself to inspire others to take responsibility for their health with Raw Vegan Power.
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