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A New Raw Food Book To “Freesh”!

I’m very excited because my dear friend Jonny Freesh, from and is just launching a new raw food book: RAW FOOD MADE FUN, EASY AND BEAUTIFUL, 63 Recipes To Take Your Raw Food to the Next Level.

joony freesh

This book is original and their recipes are wonderful and easy to prepare. Besides that I have to say that Joony has a very cool personality that irradiates from everything he does. I love it and I’m sure you will too. For instance, do you know what “Freesh” means. Before reading Jonny’s book I didn’t know that, but now I do know that “freesh” is exactly the verb that all we raw vegans were waiting for when we go to the kitchen.

FREESHIN’ MEANS: verb) To Make Raw Vegan Food

So instead of saying that you are “cooking” raw food, because you don’t really know what to say when you are preparing your raw food, now you can simply say that you are “freeshing” it!

Well, now that we already know that Joony “Freesh” is the guy who “freeshes” raw food and teaches us how to do it, you will like him even more when I mention that this guy is very versatile and talented in other areas too, like business and music just to mention a few.

Watch the following video “The Durian Song” and you will see that Jonny is making great music videos with raps that speak about raw food. Isn’t it funny and awesome?

I highly recommend that you buy Jonny Freesh’s raw food book (for only $11), because you will certainly have more options to delight your family members and friends when they ask you what you are “freeshing” for the next meal as well as when they eat it afterwards! :)

Click HERE or in the image below and buy this amazing book that will make your raw food more fun, easier and more beautiful, exactly as the title says.

jonny freesh


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