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5 Ways To Promote Veganism Online (And Get Paid!)

Recently Durianrider and John Kohler published a video, made during the Woodstock Fruit Festival, in which they share 6 tips to promote the Raw Vegan Diet on YouTube and Make Money:

1. Be consistent

2. Don’t take anything personally

3. Don’t Critique yourself too much

4. Keep it real

5. Practice and look to the camera!

6. Work on your titles and still images for videos

As you can see these tips are pretty simple and basic, they don’t really touch many aspects of this business called YouTube videopreneurship, that became a profession for thousands of people lately.

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Basically you simply need to make a video and upload it on YouTube and the more times you make this the more views you may get. And the more views you get the more money you can make, by monetizing your videos with ads from advertisers, companies that pay YouTube to promote their products with videos, links etc. over the raw vegan videos that you love to watch.

For instance, yesterday I watched one Freelee’s video after having to watch 5 seconds of a NESPRESSO commercial advertisement. Although Freelee doesn’t endorse the use of coffee in her low fat raw vegan diet, she is indirectly helping to promote coffee making machines. Which means that NestlĂ© is paying part of Freelee’s YouTube income.

So Durianrider, John Kohler, Freelee, Liferegenerator, Markus Rothkranz, Dara Dubinet, Matt Monarch, Angela Stokes, Megan Elizabeth, Swayze Foster, Matthew Armstrong, Ka Sundance and hundreds of other big and small raw vegan leaders promote the raw vegan diet and lifestyle and receive checks coming from YouTube, with more than 50% of the CPM (cost per mille, or 1 thousand views), which can go from $0.15 to $1.25 per view or much more, depending on your niche, location, popularity of your channel, etc.

My personal background is in internet marketing, not in nutrition, so when I see this model of online business that Durianrider and John Kohler are using and promoting I see that it could be much better and more profitable, without having to use unethical practices as we see some of those leaders doing (like Matt Monarch and David Wolfe who promote deer antler velvet and placenta colostrum).

The truth is that all of these raw vegan leaders became who they are today exactly because of the internet, Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc. They grew with the growth of the Internet. It’s thanks to these huge systems that we all were able to find them and follow them. And they know it!

Basically, the raw vegan movement wouldn’t be growing so strongly if we still lived in times without the internet and each raw vegan leader that you see, with time, became a very skilled online entrepreneur. And the more professional you are as an online entrepreneur the better you can spread your message and your passion for raw vegan food, ukulele playing, soccer or anything else that you choose.

My passion is well known by you, I love to spread the raw vegan message and that’s the reason I am here writing articles and blogging about the Raw Vegan Power. And I clearly see a huge interest from our growing passionate audience about how to promote the raw vegan message on the internet, with videos, blogging and, if possible, get paid.

The way I see it, the last part of the puzzle is really important, because it doesn’t matter how passionate you may be for the raw vegan diet, if you don’t get paid, sooner or later you are going to stop or at least slow down your efforts to promote the raw vegan message.

Imagine what Durianrider and Freelee, this couple that we love from watching their daily videos, would be doing if they didn’t receive those monthly checks coming from YouTube! Probably, unfortunately for all of us, they would be doing something else, maybe getting a personal trainer job in a Sport Center in some small city in Australia or something like that.

Then, I guess you agree with me that in order to be able to promote the raw vegan message consistently, as Durianrider and John Kohler suggest, you need to get paid.

SO, although I agree with their 6 basic tips,  based on my more than 10 years of internet marketing experience, I want to share with you:

5 Ways To Promote Veganism Online (And Get Paid!)

As John Kohler mentions in his video, with your work you want to build streams of income that can become a main or secondary retirement plan for you. That’s a very good financial advice no matter what your age is!

So when you choose an online business to build, you would rather think about how much you are going to earn not only one time but on a consistently basis, this means that you would like to be paid monthly, for as long as possible.

Just as Dan The Man Liferegenerator tried to do with his REGENERATION NATION online club, for instance, that I just found out that was closed some months ago. I don’t know the reasons this particular raw club was closed, but there are many others that you can find online. Swayze Foster used to have one too.

Anyway, I’m listing the following options in an ascending order to let you know what I think is the best way to create multiple streams of income arriving at your door every month while you are sharing the raw vegan message and your passion with the world and enjoying a lifestyle that allows higher levels of freedom and financial freedom as well! 

5. YouTube videos

This would be the most basic way to promote the raw vegan diet online and get paid. You simply need to start shooting videos of yourself or of anything that you like and uploading them on YouTube on a consistently basis.

If you do it correctly, using the right keywords and using some internet marketing tricks that you can learn, you will be building an audience and creating an authority channel, with lots of subscribers and monetized views that you can make to have YouTube send those checks to your house.

Although you are making videos specifically about the raw vegan diet and lifestyle, be aware that you don’t really have control over the advertisements that you will be helping to be spread. I guess it would be fun to see a Durianrider’s video with some non-vegan ad being shown to you before you watch one of his very critical videos! :)

And you would need thousands of views in each of your videos to really start making a reasonable amount of money to get you far away from your job (or J.O.B. – just over broke…).

Recently I interviewed Matthew Armstrong and, although he has tens of thousands of views in many of his videos, he started doing something else to really get a good reward for all the effort, wisdom and knowledge that he shares spreading the raw vegan message with videos on a consistently basis for many years…

Ok, let’s go ahead, you can still make and share your videos but earn a little more if you do the following…

4. Promoting Affiliate products – e-junkie, clickbank, etc…

Below each of your videos, on the description of each one of them, you can start sharing links of products that you endorse and trust. You just go to,, and so many other affiliate program sites and share one or more products that you want to promote.

By the way you can promote my book RAW NOW! The Best Way To Clear Your Mind And Be Happy and earn 50% commission that I pay monthly as I explained here.

But you could also promote Markus Rothkranz’s products, Megan Elizabeth’s books, and even books and e-books sold through, that pays 4-7%, by the way.

In reality it’s pretty easy to promote affiliate products, you don’t even need to have a website, you just need to share the link with other people and when they buy the product, the affiliate program owner will pay you a commission that can be up to 75% on Clickbank for instance.

There is a site called that does only this all the time. The owners of this site must make a huge amount of money monthly, because they have 981,000 fans on Facebook and their business is simply sharing posts on Facebook with a link to their blog. In the blog you will find no text, just pictures with links to products on Clickbank. Check it out starting from their fanpage.

Ok, this is cool, but there really is no recursive payments in most of Clickbank products, and you would need 100,000’s of fans to really have a good income. And after that you would probably hire someone to be sharing those posts on your fanpage on a daily and consistent basis, many times a day…

It’s cool, but not so glamorous and you would need to invest tens of thousands of dollars to get all those likes, I can assure you!

So let’s see something else, that most people already do… that you can add up in your online business plan.

3. Create your own info products and sell them

That’s the best way to make money online, in which you would have everything, YouTube channel, blog, products ready and your work would be to build a mailing list to promote and sell your own info products, e-books, dvds, cds, books, etc.

All your actions would be directed towards building a huge list of emails from people who know and allowed you to send them messages. In these messages you share a lot of quality content and some pitches to stimulate people to buy your products.

You just need to invest some months to create your own products and some others to promote them and grow your list.

During all this time you can be blogging, uploading videos on YouTube and doing all the good stuff that an online entrepreneur does on a consistently basis.

I like to do that, actually this is exactly what I’m doing since I started During all this year I made videos, blog posts, interviewed almost 100 raw vegan leaders and created two products too.

The end result of all this work is that now is receiving more than 1,000 visits a day and our list has more than 3,400 subscribers so far. With a similar number of fans on facebook as well.

Everything is cool, but it takes time and hard work. And you still need to be very creative to be able to create your own products and services, preferably with some recurring payments in order to really build that secondary retirement plan that John Kohler mentions.

This brings me to what I think can be the best and easiest way to promote raw vegan diet online and get paid.

2. Blogging with banners to Google Ads, Affiliate Programs, etc.

That’s the way most people use to promote whatever they are passionate about on the internet, actually you could make videos and blog too. It’s cool when people find out that you make videos and also have a blog in which you share written stuff too.

That’s the reason you see that all those online raw vegan leaders that I mentioned before have sites and blogs besides their YouTube channels.

In a few words, you can start spreading the raw vegan message only with videos, but sooner or later you will need a blog to send people to know more about you. And in your blog you can have banners that will promote other people’s stuff, like the ones you see all over the internet with Google Ads, for instance.

With Google Ads you can earn a little money, but I need to tell you that it won’t be so much. Indeed it will be just a few bucks a month, unless you get to a point in which you have 10’s of thousands of visits a day, so you need to really be patient and invest some years and a considerable amount of money to get there.

In your banners you can also promote those affiliate products already mentioned, but they would be one time sales in general and you wouldn’t be earning so much money anyway, because you would simply be sending your hard acquired visitor to somebody else, who would them be able to get the most lifetime value of that customer.

One affiliate banner that I’m sure you already saw many times in raw vegan blogs is the one of the Vitamix blender. Amazon pays 4% to 7% (depending on your affiliate level…) of around $400 that would be the medium price for a Vitamix, so you can imagine that if you have a good traffic coming to your blog, you can get good checks coming from Amazon to your home too. Cool! I like that! And to be honest I receive Amazon money directly in my bank account too! Love it! :)

Anyway, you can see that all these options are mixable and can work together in your online business plan, that could be further improved when you…

1. Raw Vegan Power Network

Until now, I’ve seen and tested many options to make a living online and I guess that what I’m calling the Raw Vegan Power Network is really the best one, specially if you are an internet marketing beginner, because there will be a lot to learn!

You can’t just pretend that all those activities, making videos on YouTube, blogging, sharing your stuff all over (Facebook, etc.), creating and promoting products, and many other interesting things related to internet marketing, are so easy that you already know everything from the start.

So you need to learn internet marketing, something that you get from the start when you join Raw Vegan Power Network.

But you don’t get only the training, you also get a coach (in your case it would be “me”!) that will guide you during your first steps and a viral blogging system that you will use to spread the raw vegan message.

I am a blogger for many years now and I can assure you that there are costs involved when you start blogging, even if you want to do it for free. But you don’t get any specific training and coaching attached to the usual blogging platform offers.

I really love the concept of Raw Vegan Power Network because it’s the whole package that you need to start, spread your raw vegan message and earn from $100’s a month up to $1000’s a month or even more, according to your efforts and results.

In your personal viral blogging system you will be attracting people to your videos and posts and when they visit your blog they see banners that, when clicked, lead to landing pages that expose them to awesome internet marketing and blogging products that everyone needs.

When people buy those products from your viral blogging system, you get 100% commissions and some of them are recurrent, which means that you are building that famous passive income that John Kohler mentioned as a retirement plan.

I’m so excited about this that I intend to build a team of raw vegan bloggers, the Raw Vegan Power Network Team, in which each member will be able to promote the raw vegan message and build a good residual income at the same time.

Click here to get access to a video and some messages from me that explain how everything works.

My mission is to reach 1,000,000 people with the raw vegan power message of health and happiness and I’m sure that with your help it will be much easier to accomplish it.

That’s the reason I’m willing to help you grow your personal raw vegan online business and become a raw vegan leader too!

Get to know how the Raw Vegan Power Network works by clicking here.

And send me a message to whenever you want to ask me anything about it.

Yours in raw health,

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Luis Souza

luis souza raw food Luis Souza has been a health advocate since he healed himself from sinusitis in 2000 by drinking plenty of water and ending his consumption of milk and dairy products. In 2012, with a low fat raw vegan diet, he discovered the “cure” for depression — the low fat raw vegan diet! He now dedicates himself to inspire others to take responsibility for their health with Raw Vegan Power.
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