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3 Solutions for the Woodstock Fruit Festival: The show must go on!

wffsm As raw vegans, we are on the road of compassion and growth, using our lifestyle to inflict less violence on ourselves and our environment.

I believe that we’re all our own paths, and as long as we’re making changes in our lifestyle in order to reach better mental, physical, and spiritual health, then we are on the right path!

So I felt inspired with this video by Evan Rock who instead of offering his opinions or choosing sides on who is right or wrong in the Woodstock Fruit Festival “dRAWma”, he offers constructive criticism on how the festival could use this opportunity to make changes and work toward a more grassroots festival!

A festival is just a meeting of like-minded people. -Evan Rock

*Evan Rock’s Disclaimers*

1) Don’t criticize Michael Arnstein if you don’t think you can take on the financial burden and risk of starting a fruit fest

2) Harley and Freelee are sweet and genuine, and are making an impact on people around the world


1) Get rid of pioneers altogether. Just have presenters!

-As a pioneer, are you stuck on this egocentric label?
-The label of “pioneers” is like having (the college professor’s) Tenure at the Woodstock Fruit Festival.

2) Who should speak? People that inspire others to come to the festival!

-The people who are most influential in inspiring others to come to the festival should be able to speak.
-Along with the list of people who are presenting and have presented in the past, people should write in who inspired them to come.

3) The most influential people should be compensated in some fashion.

Possibilities: coupons for future festivals or money.

This system can be created automatically with computer algorithm. Someone who goes to the Woodstock Fruit Festival probably has the knowledge to create this system and do tweaks to the schedule a month before the festival. A survey can be sent out that asks attendees who they are looking forward to see, and the computer program can then organize who gets the big auditorium hall at certain times versus the other rooms.

It’s got to evolve with the times, it’s got to change with the people, then it will be sustainable and long-lasting. – Evan Rock

What do you think?

Do you have any suggestions on how the festival can grow?

Do any of these suggestions resonate with you?

Let us know!

We must use every opportunity to create something better, as raw vegans we are on the path of growth and compassion.

Carolina Flórez is a self-healing practitioner focused on movement and body awareness. She lived most of her life in the US and currently lives in Cartagena, Colombia where she works as a yoga teacher. When not teaching yoga she provides massage and astrology healing services. Carolina is a certified Sivananda Yoga teacher and holds a bachelor of arts in dance, movement, and peace studies from Earlham College.Know more about Carolina here and in her Facebook group.


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