Is It Vegan

Is Extra Gum Vegan?

Extra gum has been refreshing our mouths since 1984 when Wrigley Company created their first sugar-free product ever. Since the initial launch, Extra has become one of the world’s leading gum products. Extra gum was also the first chewing gum product not to include an ingredient called saccharin. Instead, it uses a sweetener called NutraSweet, which …

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Are M&M’s Vegan? No, But There Are Alternatives!

There aren’t many people that don’t love the deliciousness of M&M’s. However, one question that continues to be asked is “Are M&M’s vegan?”. To put it simply – no, they aren’t. Since all flavors of M&M’s contain milk-based ingredients, we can safely say that M&M’s are not vegan.But this doesn’t mean that people following a vegan …

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