Type 1 Diabetic Lives on Fruit!

A low fat raw vegan diet can reverse illness and Robby Barbaro is a testament! There’s no conclusion as to why Type 2 diabetes “occurs”, but Robby and many others have seen the results of a healthy diet. In an interview at Raw Food Health, Robby Barbaro explains his experience growing up with Type 1 diabetes, including the different programs he experimented before finally settling on the 80/10/10 diet. In the following excerpt, Robby describes the difference he feels following a raw diet.

Robby Barbaro: The Raw Diet vs SAD

Andrew Perlot: What practical advantages does a low-fat raw vegan diet bring to life with type 1 diabetes that someone eating a standard American diet or ADA diet would lack? How is a low-fat raw diet better than low-fat cooked vegan diets?

Robby Barbaro:

First, a low fat raw vegan diet (LFRV) vs. the standard American diet (SAD): For objectivity and simplicity, let’s define LFRV diet as the 80/10/10 diet, meaning that “low fat” is defined as having 10% or fewer calories coming from fat over the course of a year. At least 80 percent of calories should come from carbohydrates, and no more than 10 percent from protein.

The most relevant advantage for the diabetic in this case is the control of blood sugar. In my experience, a consistent low-fat diet leads to very predictable blood sugars, whereas the SAD diet is higher in fat, which leads to less predictability and more volatile blood sugars.

The benefits go far beyond better diabetes control. I am not overexaggerating when I say my choice to follow an LFRV diet has positively affected every area of my life. Physically, I stopped having yearly sinus infections; I stopped taking Claritin D; I reversed clinically diagnosed plantar fasciitis;, I stopped using expensive orthotics;my skin cleared up (I had such bad acne that I took Acutane, and had numerous skin dermabrasion and laser treatments); and I feel very energetic on a daily basis.

Words cannot describe what this lifestyle has done for my spiritual, mental, and social health. People constantly tell me that I have a permanent smile on my face. I am eternally optimistic, my friends are incredibly inspiring and supportive, I have the energy to pursue spiritual goals … I just flat-out feel great!

Second, low-fat raw vegan vs. low-fat cooked vegan (LFCV): I don’t have any experience applying the LFCV diet to my life. Based on my studies of the work of T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D., Neal Barnard, M.D., John McDougall, M.D., Matt Lederman, M.D., and others, I believe that an LFCV diet is a very healthy diet.

In terms of objective diabetes management, I theorize that an LFCV diet would likely yield similar results to those of an LFRV diet, assuming all other variables were the same.

To be more specific, I think that people can easily reverse type 2 diabetes on any low-fat diet based on whole unprocessed plant foods. With reference to reversing type 1 diabetes, I theorize that an LFRV diet offers spiritual and physical advantages that an LFCV diet does not have. I follow an LFRV diet because I feel great and don’t see how moving towards a diet that less resembles the way foods appear in nature could make me feel any better.

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